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Last update on June 22, 2022


Line Art CHARMANT, a magnificent orchestra of technology and art, design and inspiration, is a superior eyewear brand for lovers of beauty and excellence. Inspired by the spirit of music, each precious frame expresses a melodious blend of serenity and joy of life.
Line Art Charmant - beautiful glasses for sale at Van der Geest Optiek - Optician in Haarlem

Made possible by passionate people

Charming Group wants to ensure that people who need glasses can choose glasses that provide ultimate comfort while protecting their vision.

This is the challenge that all Charmant employees have successfully and happily met since the company was founded just over 60 years ago. It is also the reason why we have become a leading manufacturer of eyewear in both Japan and the rest of the world.

With the goal of achieving product quality and responding to consumer demand, Line Art CHARMANT was launched in 2009 (2010 in Europe and the US). Line Art CHARMANT bestows frame comfort that you have to feel to believe. Customers consistently express surprise at the light touch, stability and impressive fit of Line Art CHARMANT frames.

But lightness alone without a perfect fit is meaningless. A key factor in superior eyewear development is maintaining the lens position to allow for good vision correction. We started Line Art CHARMANT because they wanted to offer a collection that offers all-around “ultimate comfort”. From the soft embrace of the temples to the stability behind the ears, they implemented the unique ideas down to the smallest detail.

In the 10 plus years since the arrival of Line Art CHARMANT, the collection has grown tremendously and currently consists of 6 temple lines sold in Europe and the US. Today, Line Art CHARMANT frames are worn by customers in about 100 countries around the world. Customers who appreciate the superior comfort then buy second and third pairs and say they can’t live without them.

Unique materials and advanced technology

The key to the comfort of Line Art CHARMANT lies in the flexibility of the material and how it gently springs back, applying optimal pressure to lightly hug the wearer’s head. When Charmant Group embarked on the Line Art CHARMANT journey, no conventional metal alloy could offer what they needed. It took something very different and radical. The search for such a metal led them to invent a totally new raw material.

An eight-year joint development project with the Institute for Materials at Tohoku University resulted in that same material, Excellence Titan. Excellence Titan frames are exceptionally lightweight and provide amazing flexibility by stretching and returning to their original shape when applied and removed. With eyewear legs composed entirely of Excellence Titan, Line Art CHARMANT frames provide the wearer with ultimate, long-lasting comfort while the corrective lenses remain securely in place.

The original Line Art CHARMANT design look goes beyond comfort and adds to the brand’s appeal. The temples (referring to the “arms” of your frame and located on the sides of your head) feature a mix of wavy shapes, rhythmic accents and abundant color variations that are not only visually stunning, but also carefully executed to maximize the properties of Excellence Titan. These intricate designs are formed using our patented laser microwelding technology, creating literal works of art. Only the styles that perfectly combine the highest wearing comfort with striking beauty are worthy of the name Line Art CHARMANT.

Are you curious about this brand? Then come try on the different correction frames in our store! You are welcome in our store in Haarlem.

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Are you looking for a new frame or sunglasses? Then visit us at Generaal Cronjéstraat 15, Haarlem. With us you will find the most beautiful glasses or sunglasses for a new “look”, from house brand to famous brands.

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