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Last update on September 29, 2022


Eye care is more than just selling glasses or contact lenses. This is why we take plenty of time for you for an extensive measurement and eyeglass consultation. Before we begin measuring, we want to know a little about your prior eye and vision history. Among other things, we ask about diseases, surgeries or medication use that may affect your eyes.
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Eye test

We start with an automatic measurement where you don’t have to do or say anything yourself. The machine gives an indication of your possible far away prescription. Eye pressure is also measured here. The automatic measurements are then followed up by a “manual” eye test performed by a qualified optician. Here we start by measuring the distance strength of the right eye, then we measure the distance strength of the left eye. Then we look at the cooperation of your eyes. Depending on age and any reading complaints, we also do a test to determine if reading glasses are needed.

If necessary, we will also measure the strength of your current glasses. This allows us to give a good comparison between the old and new prescription strength. We can also use fitting glasses so you know immediately how you will (potentially) see with your new glasses! Eye care at its finest at Van der Geest Optiek


If we observe abnormalities that cannot be corrected with glasses, we recommend visiting your doctor.
A letter of findings is given to your family doctor and he or she determines whether or not it is necessary to see a ophthalmologist or eye doctor.

When picking out glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, we provide personalized advice at your convenience. In doing so, we will go over the options and the associated pros and cons with you.

We are here to help you concerning eye care. Make a no-obligation appointment for an eye measurement or lens fitting. You are welcome in our store in Haarlem.

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