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Our story

Founded in 1930

Fashion-oriented, traditional, contact with young and old. A wonderful profession that we have been practicing for 40 years now. Every day we find it a challenge to advise the customer beautiful glasses with good vision with our knowledge and spontaneous way of working.

Charmossas for sale at van der Geest Optiek


Roy and Lian

Are you looking for a new frame or sunglasses? Then drop by at Cronjéstraat 15, Haarlem. With us you will find the most beautiful glasses and sunglasses for a new “look”, from private label to affordable brand frames. The best color available from all models, making it a careful, extensive and varied collection.

Roy and Lian - owners van der Geest Optiek


H. Vester

Mr and Mrs Vester for their beautiful shop. For many years they have built up a satisfied clientele through their expertise in and passion for the optical profession, especially Mrs. Vester had a special relationship with the customers. In the early years, Mr. Vester stood until late in the evening sharpening the lenses by hand and mounting them in the frames that were sold. After a few years he bought his first grinding machine.

After many years of hard work, they are therefore happy that they could pass on the scepter to their niece Lian and her partner Roy, who continued the shop in their own way.

Mr Vester working at Van der Geest Optics
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Harry and Barbara Vester in front of the Van der Geest Optiek store
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Mr Vester working at Van der Geest Optics
Photo Mr Van der Geest in front of his shop


P. Van der Geest

This is a photo from “the old box”. Heer van der Geest proudly poses with his wife in front of their newly opened store in Generaal Cronjestraat no. 15. Van der Geest Optiek sold a lot more besides glasses at the time; theater and binoculars, barometers, hygrometers and thermometers, but also small hardware. Heer van der Geest was known as “Uncle Piet” who was a member of the volunteer fire brigade outside his profession. For example, there was an alarm bell in the store, when it went off, Piet closed the door to help put out the fire.

Glasses as jewellery

The most important thing about glasses is of course that you see well and sharply, but more and more often glasses are an accessory, see them as a piece of jewellery.

Made especially for you

No eye or face is the same. The frame can define your face. After a careful eye examination, the correction is determined and the glass type discussed.

Welcome in our store

Come and take a look at our store in Haarlem. We would like to introduce you to our collection and hospitality. You are welcome!