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Last update on June 22, 2022


Known for its exceptional quality and innovative designs, OWP is redefining the idea of high-end eyewear fashion in the global marketplace.
Women wearing OWP - Glasses for sale at Van der Geest Optiek - Optician in Haarlem

Founded in 1947

  • 1947: Hans Strätz and Franz Fremuth founded the “Optische Werke Passau”.
  • 1950: The optical factories already employ more than 150 people and deliver their eyewear as far away as Sudan.
  • 1960: Everything goes! In the 1960s, extravagant glasses made of celluloid were made to reflect the zeitgeist of a generation.
  • 1998: The licensed Mexx brand is launched and is followed by the Mexx Sun, Youth and Kids segments.
  • 2006: Straightforward, high quality and noble: OWP launched the licensed Strenesse collection and supplied the national soccer team with sunglasses for the World Cup.
  • 2010: Eyewear for individualists. With Metropolitan Eyewear, OWP expanded its portfolio with a confident brand for the free spirit of the big city.
  • 2015: “on Couture GmbH” became part of the OWP group. Two traditional companies that complement each other perfectly are now growing together.
  • 2017: After 20 years of successful licensing, OWP was able to acquire the global brand rights for eyewear from Mexx International.
  • 2020: The OWP group has expanded through the acquisition of another long-standing company, Dr. Beck GmbH, and thus expanded its portfolio to include the “FLAIR” and “bx. eyewear” brands.

From classic/elegant to stylish/refined

The OWP women’s collection embodies a love of detail and the highest standards of design and quality.

Whether excitingly feminine, colorfully sophisticated or timelessly elegant, each of our creations has an irresistibly unique character, making it the perfect statement for the fashion-conscious woman.

Symbiosis of technical sophistication and cool style

OWP’s men’s collection focuses on the highest quality materials, technical sophistication and maximum comfort, realized in cool, modern designs.

For the style-conscious man who also applies the highest quality standards when choosing his glasses.

Are you curious about this brand? Then come try on the different correction frames in our store! You are welcome in our store in Haarlem.

Visit us!

Are you looking for a new frame or sunglasses? Then visit us at Generaal CronjĂ©straat 15, Haarlem. With us you will find the most beautiful glasses or sunglasses for a new “look”, from house brand to famous brands.

Kinderbril red jongen glad haar wit

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